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Study, Work And Live In Toronto (Canada)

It is truly a life-changing experience to be able to explore the uniqueness and diversity of nature, culture and vibrant lives of one of handful countries with advanced civilization : Canada. Being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Canada offers the best opportunity particularly to every one who seek first-class education overseas, and more than just an education, they gain applied training, hands-on skills and international experience working in a real world within their area of expertise. When choosing Canada as your education destination, there are quite many wonderful advantages to make Toronto as your place of choice to study, work and experience rich lives of the city. Toronto, North America's fourth-largest financial centre and the tenth-most economically powerful city in the world, is an international city with one of the world's most diverse and multicultural populations rivaling New York and London for its diversity, cultural attractions and business opportunities, and also is the largest city in Canada and listed Top 5 among world's most liveable cities. Its safe neighbourhoods, clean environment, dynamic culture and entertainment, four colorful seasons together with deep-rooted ethnicity in its interracial population make Toronto a really world-class city.

Truly multiethnic, City of Toronto is a "world capital" that embraces people and cultures from every corner of the globe as well as among the world's top international tourist destinations, the city is also prominently dubbed the financial services, commercial and cultural capital of Canada, and consistently ranked as one of the best cities in the world to go for education, career and live. Beside being recognized as a major international centre for business and finance, "Hollywood North" and "Silicon Valley North", Toronto is Canada's largest retail market and home to at least ten major industry clusters that include aerospace, arts, automotive, biotechnology, business services, engineering, health care, sports industries, telecommunication and tourism. Studying in Toronto provides an opportunity to acquire prestigious education through well-rounded programs that reflect modern business and societal values.

Several major universities and colleges in Toronto and its greater areas offer internship/co-op program either excluded or included in some of their programs' and courses' curriculum that designed to bridge the theoretical knowledge students receive in class and the applied knowledge they learn first hand in real world of business. Few schools have formed academic and research partnerships with medium to large businesses as part of their collaborated group projects for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. If you are thinking to study abroad whether it's for bachelor's/master's/doctoral degree, to upgrade your job-related technical skills or to acquire new skill sets for current job or new career in the near future, choosing Toronto is definitely an excellent decision you'll thank yourself in the future because Toronto offers unparalleled opportunities to earn the best global-standard learning, to gain world-class work experiences and to expand your personal mindset on life's many aspects.
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