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Healthy Living Services : Gift Of Health

Welcome to Gift Of Health center : a special gifting program for wellness

Gift Of Health is a special wellness program that was created as part of our corporate vision and mission to bring health and wellness message to the world, to fight prevalent illnesses and diseases in our family, community and nation. Our world has been changing dramatically in the past century with many big transformations in economy, business, technology and social culture that have never been seen in the same magnitude since previous thousands of years, some of these changes do enhance the lives of millions of us from younger to older generations, but one vital aspect - our health - is facing a big threat. The world we are living in today is shaping living lifestyle of millions of people that is not strengthening their overall health, but creating unhealthy influences - in the forms of poor eating habits, high stress level, lack of physical exercise, overweight, smoking and many other factors - that contribute to the widespread of prevalent illnesses and diseases that we know of or deal with in this new millenium.

In fulfilling our long-term vision and carrying on the mission on a daily basis, we are developing several attractive programs that will allow us to make a real impact on someone's health and life, and Gift Of Health is one amazing tool we have to strive for a healthier mankind one individual at a time. Many lives have been changed and substantially improved through Gift Of Health since the start of this program years ago, this is one of the most precious gifts we are gratified to give to any person who truly desires to nurture his or her wellness for the better because we care, also for the reason that we want to encourage many people to take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Gift Of Health program gives you an opportunity to try our famous doctor-formulated products without any fee, we have two wellness products of which you can choose one or two products to be mailed to you as Gift Of Health gifts. The wellness products that we offer via Gift Of Health program are suitable for virtually all people whether they are healthy and desire to enhance their current wellness state or if they have one or more health problems that are not able to get resolved with conventional medications. To ensure that the product you choose as a gift will fulfill your wellness needs perfectly, we ask you to read the description of each Gift Of Health product below.
Gift Of Health product : Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid

Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid is a nutritional product designed to boost and recharge your energy, stamina, mood, mental clarity and brain health. Sublingual B-12 is basically a Vitamin B-12 supplement with the addition of Vitamin B-6 and Folic Acid in a small tablet. This product comes in a tiny tablet that - when it's taken daily - supplies your body with pure, life-changing nutrients of B Vitamin, which target your brain and nerves.

The word "sublingual" derived from Latin words that literally mean "under the tongue". Sublingual B-12 works by placing this tiny, but powerful tablet under your tongue (no swallowing), it quickly dissolves under the tongue (most people prefer this to doctor-administered B-12 injections), bypassing the digestive system altogether and is instantly absorbed into the bloodstream, and from there, goes to work right away to boost your energy, emotional balance, stamina and memory. For those familiar with or have taken B-12 shots in the past, Sublingual B-12 was known to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots' added pain and expense. Sublingual B-12 was designed to be the best alternative treatment to help people (in need of "feel-good nutrients") receive an ideal supply of B Vitamins without the pain, high cost and big time-consumption.

One tiny tablet of Sublingual B-12 can deliver so many benefits from B Vitamins that are vital to your body, emotional well-being and brain power, and to date, over 13 million boxes of Sublingual B-12 have been sold to more than 2 million people in North America, Australia, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific (that's over 390 million B-12 tablets !). The following are life-changing benefits of B Vitamin that you can enjoy when you take Sublingual B-12.
  • Increase energy and stamina levels to enable you to feel young again.
  • Provide a natural mental clarity and mental focus lift.
  • Combat the blues.
  • Restore emotional balance.
  • Promote vibrant health.
  • Lower risk of developing heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer's.
  • Support restful, rejuvenating sleep.

"I was sick and tired. I had no energy. Now I feel so good that I want to go out and rake the leaves and exercise. The Sublingual B-12 helps me deal with fears. My energy came totally back and I feel wonderful. It has brought me back to life ! On a scale of 1-10, I most definitely give it a 10 !"
Seeta B. - Jacksonville, FL

There are still a lot more details about Sublingual B-12 and B Vitamin that you should know, just click here to learn the whole information. You can receive a Sublingual B-12 product as a gift as part of our Gift Of Health program, please read the following guidelines to find out if you are qualified to receive the gift.

Are you at risk of a B-12 deficiency ?

Whether your diet is ideal or not, chances are, if you are over 40, you are just not getting the B Vitamins you used to...and your heart, energy level, emotional balance and memory are all paying the price.

Take the following risk factor quiz and find out if you are getting enough B Vitamins your body needs.
  • 1 - Do you have difficulty remembering things, even though your memory has always been good ?
  • 2 - Does Heart Disease run in your family ?
  • 3 - Do you get angry or frustrated by situations that wouldn't have bothered you 10 years ago ?
  • 4 - Are you depressed or lonely more and more often ?
  • 5 - Do you take prescription medications that significantly deplete B Vitamin stores ?
  • 6 - Do you have a family history of Diabetes ?
  • 7 - Are you under stress and pressure throughout the week ?
  • 8 - Do you eat fast foods or prepared foods more than twice a week ?
  • 9 - Are you over 40 ?
  • 10 - Does Alzheimer's Disease run in your family ?
  • 11 - Do you consume alcoholic beverages ?
  • 12 - Do you sleep poorly or fail to get at least seven hours of sleep consistently ?
  • 13 - Are you tired or listless ?
  • 14 - Do you have a history of anemia ?
  • 15 - Do you eat red meat more than twice weekly ?
  • 16 - Do you live in an area with visible pollution ?
  • 17 - Do you consume caffeine ?
  • 18 - Is it harder for you to concentrate than it used to be ?
  • 19 - Do you experience indigestion or heartburn weekly ?
  • 20 - Do you skip meals or have meals without fresh fruits and vegetables ?
If your answer is yes to four or more of these questions, you may be experiencing the effects of a B Vitamin deficiency !

If you are having health conditions caused by B Vitamin deficiencies, you are eligible to receive Sublingual B-12 product for FREE (no obligation) through Gift Of Health program because we care about you and your health. To place an order for Sublingual B-12 Gift Of Health, click here.
Gift Of Health product : Sonoran Bloom Nopalea

Sonoran Bloom Nopalea is a nutritional product - in a form of a tasty superfruit, nutrient-rich drink sourced from the fruit of the Nopal cactus (Opuntia) or also known as Nopales (from the Nahuatl word nõchtli for the fruit) or paddle cactus - designed to help your body neutralize harmful, inner toxins surrounding your body's cells and reduce its inflammation to bring optimal cellular health. This remarkable healing plant thrives in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwestern U.S. and Mexico - the most extreme desert in the world, it was this desert that gave the world Nopalea. In fact, the Sonoran Desert is the second largest ecosystem on the planet, with a scope of plant and animal species rivaled only by the tropical Rainforest. Right within Arizona backyard in the Sonoran Desert there are native plants that offer abundant medical properties which beneficial to human body, among these ancient plants, Nopal cactus is one of only handful plants that has remarkable range of medical ingredients, its fruit (the Nopal fruit) has been devoured by the indigenous people as part of their daily diet, this helps explain why they flourished with a long lifespan and vibrant good health.

The fruit of the Nopal cactus is an important part in Mexican cuisine, used in dishes such as huevos con nopales (eggs with nopal), carne con nopales (meat with nopal) or tacos de nopales. The most common Nopal cactus species used in nearly all culinary is Indian Fig Opuntia (Opuntia ficus-indica), the term "prickly pear" refers to this species, Prickly Pears are particularly common in their native Mexico. Nopales are also recognized as a primary ingredient in New Mexican cuisine, and are gaining popularity elsewhere in the U.S.. Other than being used for traditional food, the vivid fruit of the Nopal cactus is also highly beneficial for healing, the fruit contains rare, powerful class of natural antioxidants called Betalains (bay ´ta lins), it has the highest level of Betalain antioxidants betanin and indicaxanthin, these Betalains have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that are crucial to detoxify harmful toxins around our body's cells and promote a healthy outlook of the cells.

Each 32-ounce bottle of Nopalea brims with the health benefits of the Nopal fruit for anti-inflammation, anti-premature aging and more, in a proprietary blend of rare, potent Betalain antioxidants. The average U.S. or Canadian diet is typically devoid of Betalains, the main reason for this deficiency is because Betalains are found only in a few of the world's plants (for example Nopal cactus, beets and Swiss chard), and among these plants, the Nopal cactus fruit (specifically in Prickly Pears) contains the highest level of Betalain antioxidants that has all known 24 types of Betalain.

Inflammation : the root of all diseases ? It could be causing damage to your body right now !
In today's environment whether you live in large city or suburb, every day brings new waves of viruses, bacterias, toxins, chemicals and pollutants that come into contact with your body from the air you breathe, the water you drink, the foods you eat and even the things you touch.

Throughout your body wherever the cells are being damaged, the body's defense system will respond in a systemic way known as inflammation which can be defined as a basic way or a basic response in which the body reacts to damage in the forms of infection, irritation or other injury. Inflammation occurs when your cells are suffering a damage, and this happens every day through a direct influence from environment and your daily lifestyle. The damage can arise from bacterial, viral or parasitic infection, trauma, stress, genetic abnormalities, metabolic disorders and a host of other sources. Though you may not see or even feel inflammation, it may be silently burning within your body right now. Certain lifestyle choices can also contribute to inflammation such as poor diet, stress, overweight, a sedentary lifestyle and smoking. Researchers and scientists are now confirming that inflammation plays a vital role in causing many of today's common diseases from allergy and arthritis to heart disease and cancer, there is a long list of illness that have two things in common : they are difficult to get under control, and they can be traced to chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is at the heart of the most feared diseases and prevalent health challenges we face today such as all types of pain, depression, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's Disease and gum disease, and is also considered as the most dominant cause of the signs of aging.

Nopalea : the delicious solution for inflammation problem
Plain and simple, fighting inflammation takes better nutrition, in this case, scientific experts have confirmed that the health and integrity of our immune system is largely dependent on our nutrient intake, and it's essential as well to add a rich multivitamin supplementation as part of our day-to-day activities because it's a key to maximizing supply of crucial micronutrients that responsible to repair damaged cells (often caused by toxic exposure) and create good cells which is powerfully important in fending off persistent inflammation. One type of micronutrients that is vital to reduce the damaging effects of inflammation is antioxidant, you need antioxidants for your body's defense against destructive free radicals, therefore, antioxidants are your guard against sickness, premature aging and disease.

Almost all nutritional supplements don't offer a comprehensive range of antioxidants that can provide abundant of nutritional solutions to many people who suffer from illnesses or health problems that are stemmed from chronic inflammation, and for this reason, it is a huge relief to know that we now have an amazing product like Nopalea because it comes with Bioflavonoids (anti-inflammatory nutrients) of unique variety (in the Quercetin family) that provide the richest concentration of nature's super antioxidants known as Betalains which have superb healing power to heal damaged cells and restore its youthfulness, which explains why this product is a must-have for anyone seeking to achieve greater wellness.

When you drink Nopalea, the superfruit's potent Betalains are entering your body's system and begin a major task to restore your body's vitality at cellular level, the Betalain antioxidants will cleanse the toxins surrounding body's cells, which allows more essential nutrients to reach each cell. As a result, your cells are better fed and energized to repair and replace damaged tissues, and reduce the reactive inflammation - preventing it from becoming chronic and leading to a disease. Working in two vital ways, Nopalea helps your body neutralize harmful toxins surrounding your body's cells and reduce its inflammation to bring optimal cellular health. Some of the key health-giving benefits of Nopalea include :
  • Fight illness-causing inflammation.
  • Detoxify the body of daily toxins.
  • Promote optimal health right down to your cells.
  • A daily dose of Nopalea helps protect the body against early aging and from contracting debilitating illnesses in the future.

There are still a lot more details about Nopalea and inflammation that you should know, just click here to learn the whole information. You can receive a Nopalea product as a gift as part of our Gift Of Health program, please read the following guidelines to find out if you are qualified to receive the gift.

Is chronic inflammation threatening your overall health ?
Inflammation doesn't just happen in your muscles and joints, it also happens everywhere else throughout your body (it affects your brain, heart, mouth & gums, emotional health and researchers believe it encourages cancer growth), wherever your cells are being attacked or stressed. Inflammation is now recognized as a type of nonspecific immune response. When our body's cells are damaged, the inflammatory response immediately moves into action where white blood cells rush to the scene of the damage and begin to destroy the damaged cells, while sending out chemical signals that call for more help. That's when unstable molecules called free radicals are released. Free radicals - now considered key players in many diseases - start to attack the damaged area, destroying some good cells in the process. Each new damage leads to yet another round of inflammation. And so the cycle of inflammation continues, moreover, when more and more inflammation occur in your body, it can lead to chronic inflammation that can spell trouble for immediate area or other areas in your body where inflammation occurs, and overtime, this chronic inflammation can cause real threat to your overall health.

Healthy aging can't be realized when unhealthy, chronic inflammation threatens wellness. In a world of disease at this time, inflammation poses arguably the biggest threat to our overall health and quality of life - it now has become the #1 enemy of our lives and seen as the new epicenter of disease, disability and death, and with this inflammatory health challenge, it requires a potent nutritional solution to reduce much further of damaging effects of inflammation in our body and allows it to create a better defense system to fight everyday toxins and negative influences from surrounding environment plus unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Take a look a list of ailments below and check out if you have one or more of these medical conditions.
  • 1 - All types of pain (abdomen, back, bone, chest, hand, hip, joint, knee, knuckle, muscle, shoulder, wrist)
  • 2 - Allergies
  • 3 - Arthritis
  • 4 - Asthma
  • 5 - Brain disorders
  • 6 - Degenerative diseases
  • 7 - Diabetes
  • 8 - Eczema
  • 9 - Eye or skin problems
  • 10 - Fibromyalgia
  • 11 - Headaches
  • 12 - Head congestion
  • 13 - Heart disease/hardening of the arteries
  • 14 - Hernia - disc inflammation
  • 15 - High blood pressure
  • 16 - High blood sugar (A1C - Glucose)
  • 17 - High C-Reactive Protein
  • 18 - Insomnia
  • 19 - Organ function problems
  • 20 - Mental clarity/focus problems
  • 21 - Plantar Fasciitis
  • 22 - Sinus
  • 23 - Spondylolisthesis
  • 24 - Stress
  • 25 - Swollen feet, leg, neck or spine
  • 26 - Tendonitis

If your answer is yes to three or more of these questions, you may be experiencing the effects of a chronic inflammation !

If you are having health conditions caused by inflammation, you are eligible to receive Nopalea product for FREE (no obligation) through Gift Of Health program because we care about you and your health. For U.S. residents : your gift includes one 3 oz bottle of Sonoran Bloom Nopalea, a Nopalea brochure and Nopalea Wellness Challenge flyer. For Canadian residents : your gift includes one 32 oz bottle of Sonoran Bloom Nopalea, "The Secret Killer" health alert and Nopalea Wellness Challenge form. To place an order for Nopalea Gift Of Health, click here.