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Uniemporium Health is a premier provider of physician-formulated nutritional supplements. We partner with one of the best managed nutraceutical companies in the world to provide the finest, science-based products as well as wellness education and information to help every individual - from any age, with any health challenge - to experience greater physical, emotional and spiritual health every day. Our health and wellness products are consumed by customers in United States, Canada, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. Quality, durability, effectiveness have made our products one of the best, most recommended products in North America and worldwide.
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Corporate Practice Standards : 10 Foundational Values

The 10 Foundational Values are the standards we apply to serve customers in providing the finest supplements and the best customer experience possible as well as to provide continuing education programs for family physicians.
  • Physician-Approved Formulas - Our physicians use their extensive health and nutrition knowledge to create proprietary supplements based on the latest scientific research and the health and wellness concerns of our customers.
  • Patented Absorption Systems - Unlike other supplements that can be difficult to absorb, the supplements we deliver are developed for maximum absorption and effect.
  • Controlled Laboratory Studies - Our products undergo medical studies and trials at accredited universities and medical centers to ensure their effectiveness.
  • Purest Natural Ingredients - We use the highest-quality, essential nutrients available to create effective, body-friendly formulas without caffeine, mood-altering stimulants or harmful chemicals.
  • Pharmaceutical-Grade Quality - We voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturing guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
  • Third-Party Testing and Certification - In addition to our own quality control, we commission third-party testing and research to guarantee that our products are full potency and meet all regulatory standards.
  • Quality-Controlled Packaging and Production - Safety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing; we inspect each product at least 10 times and use two safety seals per package on all ingestible products to guarantee safety, freshness and product potency.
  • Dedication to Continuing Medical Education for Physicians - We partner with the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and the American College of Family Physicians (ACFP) to provide continuing education programs - teaching family physicians to share natural health solutions with their patients.
  • Medical Advisory Board - Our advisory panel of Board Certified physicians provide us with the latest information on scientific developments and testing methods.
  • Complete Customer Satisfaction Guarantee - We promise to provide the best customer experience possible and offer a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products.